News & Notes 8.3.11

David Stern will not collect a paycheck while the NBA is locked out (Courtesy: Pro Basketball Talk)

Stern Will Not Get Paid During Lockout: reports that NBA Commissioner David Stern will not collect his estimated $23 million salary while the NBA is locked out. Earlier this week, 76er Spencer Hawes questioned via Twitter, why there were “no rumblings about a pay cut for (Stern) while he asks every single player to do so.”  Stern has given no indication he will take a pay cut once the NBA is back in business.

NBA Sues Players for Unfair Labor Practices: reports that the NBA filed two claims against the NBAPA; one with the National Labor Relations Board, and another in Federal District Court in New York.  The NBA accuses the Players’ Association of not bargaining in good-faith.  The league alleges the players made over two dozen threats to dissolve the union and file an anti-trust suit against the NBA.

Heroes of the CBA:  A article reviews who came up big in the NFL lockout negotiations that saved the season.  The article awards Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith as MVP’s.  Robert Kraft was also recognized for his role in the negotiations after losing his wife.

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