News & Notes 8.1.11

NBA Players Association President Billy Hunter and NBA Commissioner David Stern have a lot of work to do in order to settle the labor dispute.

NBA Lockout Negotiations Resume: The USA Today breaks down the top issues for Monday’s meeting between the NBA owners and the players – the first time the two sides have met since July 1. Monday’s agenda will likely concentrate on non-economic issues — such as guaranteed contracts, hard salary cap vs. soft cap and length of the collective bargaining agreement — because the sides are so far apart on distribution of basketball-related income.

NCAA Amateurism Cabinet Seeks To Expand Definition Of Sports Agent: has the details on the NCAA’s plan to change it athlete agent definition to closely resemble the changes made in the state of Tennessee. The Amateurism Cabinet wants to increase the scope of its athlete agent definition to include anyone who represents or attempts to represent a prospective or current student-athlete in the marketing of his or her athletics ability or reputation for financial gain; or anyone who seeks to obtain any type of financial gain or benefit from securing a prospect’s enrollment at an institution or a student-athlete’s potential earnings as a professional athlete.

Former Laker Busted For Pot Eating, Eats Evidence: Fox Sports reports that former NBA player Samaki Walker tried to eat marijuana during a traffic stop in Kingman, Ariz. Authorities also allege they seized about 10 grams of marijuana, some prescription drugs and eight bottles of liquid steroids from the vehicle, the newspaper reported.

Duke Asks NCAA For Guidance In Coach K Recruiting Violation Allegation: ESPN reports that Duke’s NCAA rules compliance office is seeking an interpretation from the NCAA as to whether a recruit can talk to a coach by phone if the recruit is not playing in a tournament but is still on the road, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. According to the source, forward Alex Poythress, a 6-foot-7 player in the class of 2012 from Clarksville, Tenn., called Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski on Tuesday night after his Georgia Stars AAU team was eliminated from the AAU Super Showcase in Orlando.

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