News & Notes 8.10.11

After ten years, Tiger Woods will no longer endorse Tag Heuer watches

NFL to Perform Game Day PED Testing: reports that under the new collective bargaining agreement the NFL will be able to administer game day testing for performance enhancing drugs, but not recreational drugs. New testing methods will allow for game day testing without creating logistical problems that existed in the past.

Tag Heuer Drops Tiger Woods: Yahoo! Sports reports that after ten years the Swiss Watchmaker, Tag Heuer, ended its ten year endorsement relationship with Tiger Woods.  The company stopped using Woods’s image to sell watches after his personal problems were exposed in 2009.  Tag Heuer’s chief executive said in a statement that he was confident Tiger would regain trust with the public.

NCAA Discusses Longer Scholarships: reports that at the NCAA presidential retreat,  leaders are discussing the idea of letting individual conferences decide whether or not to pay athletes or award longer scholarships.  The group is working with a sense of urgency and the rules could be voted on as early as October.  If the rules pass, each Division I conference would have the option to award bigger, longer scholarships to athletes.

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