What’s the Future of Daily Fantasy Sports in 2016?

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Daily fantasy sports have caught fire in the UK and around the world. An import from the US, they have ridden off the back of successful sports like the NFL and the Premier League. It’s a chance to compete against your friends and show off your sporting knowledge.

The future of daily fantasy sports in 2016 isn’t all too clear, however, and we’re going to go into why.

The US Crackdown

Many people bet on daily fantasy sports and turn it into a gambling pursuit. Whilst we would never advise consulting ukhomeandpersonalloans.co.uk to fund your gambling entertainment, for many people it serves as a form of income. The problem is the US authorities don’t see it that way.

The law has finally managed to catch up with daily fantasy sports. As a result, states like Nevada have clamped down on it. They’ve even gone as far as to close down some providers because they supposedly didn’t have the correct licences.

Other states like New York and Delaware are considering banning theme entirely. But what is the future of it on a worldwide scale?

2016 Brings Further Problems

You shouldn’t close down your account because of what’s happening in the US. The American market is going to experience further problems by virtue of stringent gambling legislation. There’s a problem regarding licencing.

In the UK, though, daily fantasy sports are a perfectly valid form of gambling. Regardless of whether someone considers it a skills-based or luck-based game, it won’t fall foul of any regulations in the UK. British gamblers will have no problems enjoying fantasy sport in 2016.

Luck and Skill

The only problem is if you happen to be working with an organisation based in the US. This is where it could impact players all over the world.

The issue at its heart lies with whether the game is considered a luck-based game or a skills-based game. If it’s based on luck, this is classified as gambling in many states. If it’s based on skill, it comes under different regulations, which could prevent it from being targeted under gambling legislation.

As already mentioned, this differentiation will hurt UK players should US authorities prevent these companies from operating.

What are the Chances?

But let’s just talk about 2016, rather than the potential long-term future. There’s a big difference between the two and what’s likely to happen.

We know that daily fantasy sports are in trouble, but it’s highly unlikely their situation will change significantly in the coming year. There are still a lot of major legal hurdles to overcome for prosecutors. Players shouldn’t panic and should continue playing as they were before.

In the event a ban is on the horizon, you will still be entitled to any winnings. US authorities tend to provide a grace period for such companies. They did the same when they cracked down on the online poker industry, so there’s no reason why they won’t do it again.

What do you think of the prospects of daily fantasy sports in 2016?

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