News & Notes 7.11.11

Adam "Pacman" Jones

NFL and Players Nearing Deal: reports that an agreement that would start the NFL season could be ratified on July 21.  The players have reportedly agreed to cut rookie compensation in half.  A document called “The Transition Rules” sets up a timeline for teams to follow in regards to roster transactions under the new agreement.  The Transition Rules works under the assumption of a July 21 deal.

“Pacman” Arrested…Again: reports Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested early Sunday morning outside of a Cincinnati bar.  He faces misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  Jones was allegedly shouting profanities at police officers.  Pacman has been arrested at least six other times.  He denies the charges.

Clemens Jury Selection Resumes: reports the jury pool for Roger Clemen’s perjury case is now up to 22 prospective members.  The pool includes a Philadelphia Eagles fan who believes the Michael Vick conviction was  “done wrong.”  One woman was excused after showing confusion over idea of assumption of innocence.

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