News & Notes 7.1.11

Declan Sullivan (courtesy Fox Sports)

Notre Dame Settles with Indiana in Student Death: The Huffington Post reports that the university will pay $42,000 in fines for 6 safety violations that lead to the death of student-videographer Declan Sullivan.  The penalty was reduced from the $72,000 originally assessed for knowingly putting an employee in an unsafe situation.  Notre Dame will also make an undisclosed contribution to the student’s memorial.

Jury finds UCF Negligent in Football Player’s Death: reports that a jury awarded the parents of Ereck Plancher $10 million, after finding the University of Central Florida Athletic Association negligent for his 2008 death.  Plancher collapsed during conditioning drills and died from complications from sickle cell trait.  UCF will appeal the ruling.

BCS Makes its Case to the Department of Justice: reports that BCS executive director Bill Hancock met with 10 officials from the DOJ’s antitrust division.  He essentially explained how the BCS crowns its champions.  The Washington meeting was described as friendly.

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