New Hampshire Takes On DOJ In Monumental Wire Act Clash

It was only a matter of time before litigation ensued.

There was zero chance that the DOJ could undo decades of law in its sweetheart deal to Sheldon Adelson and not expect to have to defend itself in court. So here we are.

On February 15, the New Hampshire Lottery Commission sued the DOJ seeking declaratory and injunctive relief to effectively stop the DOJ from enforcing its new opinion about the Wire Act against lotteries. You can read the full Complaint here.

Immediately, many commentators started declaring victory to New Hampshire because of “binding precedent” in the First Circuit limiting the Wire Act to sports. This is simply not true. As Steve explained to Legal Sports Report, there is some dicta in the First Circuit pertaining to the Wire Act, but this matter is anything but a slam dunk. You can read Steve’s comments on this issue in Prof. John Holden’s excellent article here.

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