Legal Blitz Co-Founder Featured In Philadelphia Newspaper

We’re going to have to widen the door frames of his office soon because Steve Silver’s head might get too big with all the attention he’s been receiving lately. First the Legal Blitz co-founder was a celebrity in Jamaica, then he was on ESPN radio, and just last week he had a top story on Deadspin that garnered more than 65,000 reads.

Now, he is the subject of an excellent feature in the most recent edition of The Jewish Exponent — the second oldest Jewish newspaper in the country. Author Jon Marks compared him to Superman, but he’s just our fearless leader defending against torts by day and blogging about sports law by night.

In all seriousness, it was a wonderful honor and it goes to show what hard work can do. Steve and Co-Founder Ben McKenna launched this site back in 2011 never imagining it would open so many doors and attract so much attention. Once you see your dream, go get it.

In addition to the content posted on this site from lawyers and professors around the nation, you can check out all of Steve’s work for Above the Law Redline and Deadspin on his Kinja site here. None of this is possible without our readers. So thank you for being loyal.

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