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It Was Only A Matter of Time: NHL Hit With Concussion Lawsuit

You didn’t have to be a lawyer to see this one coming. After a group of former NFL players netted a $756 million settlement and the NCAA facing its fifth concussion lawsuit, it was only a matter of time before … Continue reading

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The Baseball Rule: How Duties to Spectators Continue to Evolve

Attending a professional sporting event carries some inherent risks.  Balls, equipment, and even athletes themselves sometimes fly into the stands.  Drunken idiots throw punches.  Mascots can sometimes get a little handsy.  Dangerous weather can roll in.  And now, hot dogs … Continue reading

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Hostile Waters: A Lawyer’s Analysis of the Incognito/Martin Dilemma in the Miami Dolphins Organization

For those who have been living 20,000 leagues under the sea for the past few weeks, there is a situation in the depths of the Miami Dolphins organization that has attracted national attention both in and out of the sports … Continue reading

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Lacrosse Entrepreneur Seeks to Kick Start Video Game Industry

It is no secret that video games are big business. Last year, gamers in the United States spent more than $20 billion on mobile, computer, and console-based video games. Accounting for a large chunk of that pie is EA Sports … Continue reading

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Perpetuity is a Long Time

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Olympic Gold Medalist’s Massive Lawsuit Against Former Talent Agency Rests On Thin Ice

Quick, name a female figure skating champion. Dorothy Hamill, Kristi Yamaguchi, Katarina Witt, any one will do. They are names we learn once every four years, see on a few Wheaties boxes, then probably never see again on a national … Continue reading

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Sports Law Perspective re: “Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight”

*this article written in response to “Still the Greatest”, posted 10/6/13 on SportsLawBlog As shown by the array of topics covered throughout this site alone, “sports law” is not conclusively defined.  Concussion lawsuits, labor union disputes, steroid-based grand jury indictments, … Continue reading

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