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Copyright Battle Brewing Between NASCAR and YouTube

Perhaps the biggest news coming out of Daytona this past weekend aside from 50 Cent’s failed attempt to kiss Erin Andrews, was that a crash in the NASCAR Nationwide Series injured 28 spectators. Instantly, everyone who was not watching the … Continue reading

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Lack of Agent Regulations Could Prove Perilous for Track and Field Athletes

By Nicole Leach, a 1L at the Temple University Beasley School of Law and former UCLA track star. In 2006, while a student-athlete at UCLA, Leach earned gold on the World Junior 4×400 relay team in Beijing. In 2007 she … Continue reading

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Lying Lance Faces Lawsuit Over Fictitious Books

After more than a decade of swearing that he was falsely accused of using performance enhancing drugs, Lance Armstrong finally came clean last month about his years of doping. Yet Armstrong’s confession that he cheated his way to seven Tour … Continue reading

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Recent Lawsuit Ruling Brings NCAA Athletes One Step Closer To The Money They Deserve

By Chris McAndrew, a Senior Journalism/Pre-Law major at Temple University Imagine providing a service that produced millions of dollars in revenue every year for someone you represent, but never seeing a penny.  Say perhaps a 30-hour work week, all physical … Continue reading

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