News & Notes 8.19.11

The Chinese Basketball Ball League will not allow teams to sign NBA players like, Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony who are under contract.

China League Bans NBA Players Under Contract: reports that the Chinese Basketetball Association will not allow NBA players under contract to sign with domestic teams if the NBA season is cancelled.  The league will allow free agents to sign however.  Players like Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony have shown interest in the CBA.

Merriman Stopped At Border: reports that Buffalo Bill Shawne Merriman was stopped at the U.S./Canada border and searched.  Merriman denied on social media that he was caught with steroids.  Merriman was heading to camp and said nothing was confiscated.

McMahon Among Seven to Sue NFL for Negligence: reports that seven former players, including Jim McMahon, have sued the league for their handling of concussion related injuries.  McMahon is a Super Bowl winning quarterback who played though five concussions.  The suit accuses the NFL of negligence and intentional misconduct in its response to the headaches, dizziness and dementia that former players have reported.

UFC Reaches Seven-Year Deal with Fox:  The Associated Press reports that the Ultimate Fighting Championship reached a deal with Fox networks that will put four fights a year on Fox, and an array of programming on FX.  Fox will allow the UFC to control its own production.  The first Fox fight is scheduled for November 12.

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