News & Notes 8.17.11

Nevin Shapiro and Kellen Winslow Jr. at Shapiro's VIP Section of the Opium Garden nightclub in 2003 (Courtesy Yahoo! Sports)

Booster Details Illegal Gifts to Miami Players:  Yahoo! Sports reports that University of Miami booster, and convicted ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro, provided thousands of impermissible benefits to 72 football players.  Yahoo! Sports performed over 100 hours of jailhouse interviews over the last 11 months.  Their exclusive reveals that Shapiro spent millions on players for benefits such as “cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his multimillion-dollar homes and yacht, paid trips to high-end restaurants and nightclubs, jewelry, bounties for on-field play (including bounties for injuring opposing players), travel and, on one occasion, an abortion.”

Police Want to Interview Kobe:  The Associated Press reports that San Diego police want to talk to Kobe Bryant after a man claimed he was injured by the Lakers’ star outside a church.  Police say Bryant thought the man was taking a picture of him with a cell phone.  Bryant allegedly grabbed the camera from the man, saw there was no picture and then left the church.  The unnamed man went to the hospital for a wrist injury.  Bryant’s attorney called the allegations baseless.

Love:  Owners’ Offer Unacceptable: reports that the consensus from the NBA players regional meeting concerning the lockout was that the owners’ offer is unacceptable.  The players were particularly upset with the hard cap proposal.  Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves was one of 60 players who attended the meeting.  He told ESPN that the onus will be on the players to get a deal done and save the season, and the compromise is needed.

Ducks Tell Police They Smoked Pot: reports Oregon Quarterback Darron Thomas was a passenger in a car driven by Cliff Harris when it was pulled over going 188 mph.  According to dashboard cam video, the officer asked, “Whose got the marijuana in the car.”  Harris responded, “We all smoked it.”  Harris, who is suspended for at least the season opener, later said it was another passenger who smoked, and not Thomas.  Thomas has not been disciplined.

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