News & Notes 8.16.11

Miami Coach: Mistakes Made:  The Associated Press reports that University of Miami coach football Al Gordon said some of his players made mistakes that prompted an NCAA probe.  The NCAA is investigating alleged gifts given to players from Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro.  Investigators say Shapiro allowed players to use his yacht and other favors.

2012 Olympic Sites Guarded In British Riots: reports British police said they sent guards to protect the Olympic venues and  shopping malls after intercepting messages from phones and social networking.  Police say rioters use BBM and Twitter because it is a simple cost free way to organize riots.

Police Used Stun Gun on Former Raven:  Former Ravens’ wide receiver Jermaine Lewis was charged after hitting a fire department sign in Maryland.  Police say Lewis continued on without stopping and parked at his home.  Police found him there on his couch.  Officers used a stun gun on him after he refused to get up.  Lewis is charged with resisting arrest and traffic offenses.

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