News & Notes 7.22.11

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, right, stands next to Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson while speaking to the reporters at a news conference in Atlanta on Thursday. (John Amis / Reuters)

Breaking Down The Partly Ratified New NFL CBA: The National Football Post analyzes the proposed NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, which the owners approved Thursday. The players have yet to vote on the deal.

Rumor: NFL Rookie Deal Agent Fees To Be Capped At 2%: After following the Tweets of a number of prominent sports agents, reports that those in the know believe the new CBA will reduce agent fees from 3 percent to 2 percent on all rookie contracts.

Butch Davis to release records from personal phone: The Charlotte Observer reports that North Carolina football coach Butch Davis will release records of the business calls he made on his personal cell phone in response to a media public records request. Media outlets have sought to review Davis’ personal cell phone records in hopes of shedding light on an investigation that has resulted in NCAA allegations of major violations against the Tar Heel program.

Texas’ Longhorn Network sparking another Big 12 Missile Crisis: Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated discusses the controversy surrounding the Longhorn Network’s plan to televise certain high school football games and how the rest of the Big 12 feels threatened by the ESPN-backed network.

5th Circuit Tosses Cheerleading Suit, Hits Law Firm for Grammar and Spelling Errors: The ABA Journal reports that a federal appeals panel has tossed a Section 1983 suit by a former Texas cheerleader who didn’t make the varsity squad amid conflicts with another cheerleader who called her a “ho.” The onetime cheerleader had claimed the school was indifferent to sexual harassment by her rival, but the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals didn’t see it that way.

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