News & Notes 7.15.11

The NFL Lockout might soon be over if Roger Goodell (left) and DeMaurice Smith can come to an agreement

NFL Lockout Nearing The End With Rookie Wage Scale Agreement: reports that negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement are headed toward a settlement. The sides have agreed in principle to a rookie wage system, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter earlier Thursday evening. Since that is no longer an impediment to a deal, the source told Paolantonio, “both sides are intent on working through each issue line by line to get this deal done.”

Georgia Tech Receives Four-Year Probation: The Associated Press reports that the NCAA put Georgia Tech on four years of probation, fined the school $100,000 and stripped its ACC title game victory from the 2009 football season on Thursday for violations that also included problems in the men’s basketball program. Georgia Tech did not lose scholarships and was not ruled ineligible for postseason games in either sport, but the basketball team had the number of recruiting days and official visits reduced for the next two seasons.

How The Prosecution Blundered the Clemens Trial: Sports Law professor Michael McCann breaks down the many errors in the Roger Clemens perjury trial calling the prosecution’s mishaps the legal equivalent to Bill Buckner’s botched ground ball in the 1986 World Series.

Baseball Presses Case on Dodgers Financing: The New York Times reports that Major League Baseball strongly pressed its case Thursday that it, and not a hedge fund, should provide $150 million in interim financing to the Los Angeles Dodgers. In a filing in federal bankruptcy court, it also continued to question the motives of Frank McCourt, the Dodgers owner, and accused him of a conflict-of-interest.

Tressel ‘Unacceptable’ in Reporting Violations: ABC News reports that An evaluation of former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel’s job performance in 2005-06 rated him as “unacceptable” in self-reporting violations in a timely manner. Records released Friday by the university as part of a public-records request show that Tressel, forced to resign on May 30 for knowing about NCAA violations and then covering them up, was graded “excellent” in 10 of the 12 areas in the evaluation.

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