News & Notes 7.13.11

Christian Lopez (courtesy New York Daily News)

Brady, Manning and Brees Say It’s Time to Make a Deal: reports that three star quarterbacks say it’s time to wrap up negotiations and end the NFL’s lockout.  Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees spoke publicly as a group and called the players’ offer to the league fair.  Players and owners gathered Wednesday morning at a Manhattan office building for the latest round of talks.

Clemens Trial Underway: reports the prosecutor in Roger Clemens’s perjury trial said needles and cotton balls used by Brian McNamee to inject the pitcher tested positive for anabolic steroids and Clemens’s DNA.  The defense said McNamee faked the evidence and “Roger Clemens’s only crime was having the poor judgment to stay connected with Brian McNamee.”

Companies Line-up to Help Lopez: After accountants determined that Christian Lopez, the fan that caught Jeter’s 3000th hit,  would owe up to $14,000 in taxes from gifts received from the Yankees, several companies are stepping up to the plate. reports that Miller High Life and the CEO of Modell’s sports good both made generous financial offers.

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