An Inside Look at UNC’s trouble With the NCAA

UNC is in hotter water than we all thought. The NCAA levied hefty charges against the Tar Heels today alleging numerous “potential major violations” in the football program, including unethical conduct by a former assistant coach as well as failure to adequately monitor the conduct of former and current players. This includes providing “false and misleading information” to NCAA investigators about that coach’s relationship with late NFL agent Gary Wichard. Although every news outlet is reporting this event, we here at The Legal Blitz wanted to provide the primary documents behind the NCAA violations. So here are the NCAA bylaws in their full glory for you legal junkies to examine ( pdf ).

If these allegations are true, they fall squarely under NCAA Bylaw, Article 10.1. (as seen below).

Violations of this magnitude would trigger a host of penalties under Article 19.5 including loss of scholarships, player suspensions, victory forfeitures, fines, bowl game bans or even possibly a lengthy probation (highly unlikely). Butch Davis is never named in the NCAA allegations so it looks like UNC should escape severe penalties, but a loss of scholarships is a likely penalty. The Legal Blitz will keep a close eye on this story as it develops.

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